How To Use The Shopping Cart

Put Items in Your Cart
Shop around the site, adding items to your cart .

  Directory Returns to Store Directory
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Preview Your Order Detail
  Next >> Move to Shipping Information & Order Summary.

Proceed to Checkout

  Checkout >> Appears at the Order Summary.
    Click to enter Billing Information.

Complete Your Order

  Place Order >>   Appears at Billing Information.
    Click to complete your order.

Do not use your browser back or forward buttons.
Use the Cart buttons instead.

Here's what the Functions do
You're looking at it.
Return to Store Directory.
Continue Shopping
Return to page before placing item in the cart.
Update changes in quantities. You can enter zero to remove an item before you click the ReCalc or Update
Removes the item from your cart
Delete ALL
Next >>
Move to the Next Screen
Edit Item(s) in your cart
Go to the Shipping Information screen
Checkout >>
Go to the Billing Information screen
Place Order >>
Complete processing of your order

Is Your Cart Working ?

If you are placing items into your cart, but they are not staying in your cart, then your browser may be rejecting cookies. To find out if your browser is rejecting cookies, place an item in your cart from anywhere on the site, and then click on the Update button. If your browser does not have cookies enabled, then you will be redirected to a page with an error message.

You'll need to enable cookies on your browser to use the shopping cart features.